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Money could be in your account within 14 days, Sell your house fast with Buy it Homes!


Sell my house fast

Planning to move abroad? Financial pressure and looking for a quick and easy sale? .

Whatever your situation, with Buy It Homes, we provide you with a fast, personal and professional service to ensure you get the most efficient price for your property, cash for your home.  Receive a complete no-obligation offer that you can put your trust into and if you decide we won't even charge you any agents, legal or valuation fees!

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sell my home fast


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Once we’ve received your details of your property, we will make you an offer within 48 hours.

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We have ready cash buyers that would make an offer for your property to sell your home quickly.

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For enquiries that require a more personal response, we will respond within 48 hours.

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Release equity from your property you can do this and so much more with Buy it Homes.

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Sell Your House Fast

We have ready cash buyers available for your property, therefore you'll be able to achieve a quick sale of your house.

We buy any house and promise to make you a cash offer for your property regardless of its condition or location.

By evaluating each property on an individual premise, our group of property purchasers can influence a custom fitted cash money offer so we can purchase any house at a value you are content with.



How can Buy-it-Homes help sell my house?

Buy-it-Homes services allow us to quickly buy your property no matter what your circumstances and always aims to completed within a timeframe that suites you, whether you're thinking "I need a buyer so that I can sell my house" or "how can I sell my home?" Buy-it-homes have a solution!

There are a number of reasons for selling your house in today's market. To avoid stopping repossessions, moving abroad, bereavement, or even a change of location. However, if you are facing the prospect of immediate repossession, do not delay as Buy-it-Homes can help. Our services can avoid and stop repossessions altogether by operating to such a speed that allows you to release your equity in your property before it's too late .

How long does it take for me to receive my money?

Upon completion, your solicitor can send the sale proceeds on the same day to your nominated bank account.

My house is not in very good condition, it needs refurbishing, does it matter?

No it does not matter, we buy your house in any condition.

I have a tenant, is this a problem?

We can consider a property with tenants, please call us so we can discuss your specific circumstances.

My property is leasehold and the lease is short, will this matter?

No, we can still buy, however the length of the remaining lease will be reflected in the price offered.

Sell my Home Fast

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Welcome to BUY it HOMES!

As mentioned above, we can make your home sale possible in just 14 days. This removes all of that messing around, waiting around and stressful planning. By removing all of the usual fees, all of the usual middle men wanting a cut of the action and all of the usual time-consuming, stress-inducing hassle, we make the ability to sell homes fast so much easier.
Sometimes, you lack the financial liquidity or the lifestyle capability to wait for a property sale. From having to find money quickly to start a new opportunity to having to move fast for personal/professional circumstance, many issues and reasons can exist that you need to deal with.
At this point we are here to help. We take great care in planning out the perfect solution to help your home get sold ASAP. We purchase homes for cash, meaning that we can be the perfect answer to your need and desire to get your house sold with all legalities handled and dealt with in as short a timeframe as is possible.
All you need to do is call us on 07956503808, and we can provide you with a full and professional property valuation of your home in a short period of time. Fill in the details and we’ll evaluate the property and give you a full understanding of our valuation and what we would like to do to make the sale of your property quickly as possible.
For those short on time and/or patience, our team makes it easy for you to finally work out the answer to sell your house fast. By making sure that you have all of your legal fees dealt with for you and by removing the pain and stress of estate agent fees, we make selling your house quickly, affordable and effective, homes for cash.

Need any more help or information to sell your house fast? Contact our team right away for any details that you may need!

Cash for your house free valuation, we have ready cash buyers that would make an offer to your property.

Sell My Home Fast